Llop for Congress Social Media

Name: William Llop
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
Community where you reside: Sandy Springs - native to Atlanta

Past political or leadership role: I am not a career politician, rather my career has led me to politics.  I am fortunate to have spent over 30 years promoting business and economic growth in the private sector. As a self employeed business owner of a CPA and accounting practice, I have been assisting the small- medium business owner and the american taxpayer, as they navigate through government regualtions and tax codes. Working for their quest to save and be profitable. I have a clear understanding of the hurdles facing todays business owner and taxpayer.   I am proud to have served as a board member in the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs and a current board member of the Pregnancy Aid Clinic as well as serving on the advisory board of the House of Luke. My career and volunteer work have given me the opportunity to see our whole community. From the homeless person who needs job training and food, the single parent struggling to raise their famiy, the corporate employee and the entrepreneur. My experience allows me to represent them all.

  The topic of immigration is clear to me. I am a first generation American citizen.  My father immigrated from Italy and arrived with his family on Ellis Island in 1936.  He became a United States Citizen and served with the highest honors in World War II.  My maternal grandparents immigrated to this great Nation and also arrived on Ellis Island. They all worked hard, became entrepreneurs and raised successful families. Living the American dream!

What do you think is the top issue in this race? The Economy!  The most important issue in the race and every political race is the economy.  I want to change the income tax system to promote growth and investment in our economy.  I will promote changes to the income tax system so that small and medium sized businesses will be able to grow and prosper, and not be discouraged from growth due to our current tax code.  Promoting growth through small to medium sized business development will be the key.  I want to do this by ending crony capitalism and leveling the playing field of our business environment.  We also need to educate our youth.  The world is a different place for our children-- we need to train them for this new and technical world. 

Every morning I go to work and help you, the people that go to work every day, with solutions to the business and financial challenges in life.  My concerns and yours are the same:  how do we pay our mortgage? Put groceries on the table? Send our kids to school? Save money and prepare for the future? I want to help build the future for Americans today and the next generations to come.