Llop for Congress Social Media

I’ll Fight for Common-Sense Economic Policies
…that will bring good, high-paying jobs to the 6th congressional district.  I’ll work to lower taxes, eliminate regulations and end frivolous lawsuits.

I’ll Fight to Empower Entrepreneurs
…because government’s primary role is to create a fertile environment for the private sector—particularly small business men and women who create jobs.

I’ll Fight for Real Tax Reform
…that is fairer and simpler.

I’ll Fight for Real Spending Reform
…that will end the debts and deficit spending.  I’ll work to limit annual government spending to a level no greater than the taxpayer’s ability to pay.

I’ll Fight for Our Fair Share
…because counties in the 6th District need to be confident that they have not contributed more than we ever get in return.

I’ll Fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment
…because Congress has proven time and again that it lacks the discipline and willpower to stand up to the special interests and pass a budget that spends no more than we bring in.

I’ll Fight to Strengthen our Military
…because the security of our homeland is the number one priority of our government.  I’ll work to ensure that our enemies are never allowed to arm themselves with nuclear weapons.

I’ll Fight to Defend the Constitution
…including the right to life and our Second Amendment rights.  I’ll also work to reignite a respect for the Tenth Amendment that empowers states and makes Washington less significant in each of our lives.

I’ll Fight to Secure our Border
…and make English the official language, while simplifying the rules for those who want to come here legally.  Our porous border endangers national security and hurts our economy.

I’ll Fight for Term Limits
…because far too many politicians put too high of a priority on re-election.  We should honor the Founders’ intent of a real citizen-legislature.