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We are in a cross roads regarding where we stand on the immigration issue.  We are in a stalemate.  It takes the federal government to enforce the law and we are not enforcing the law.

We have people that are in this country illegally.  Some of these people have been here for quite some time.  Some of these people have had children in this Country and their children are Citizens.

I Propose:
If an illegal alien has been in this Country for in excess of 7 years. 

  • This illegal alien needs to prove that he/she was here.
  • The illegal alien must file tax returns for all years he/she has been in this Country.

Once the illegal alien has accomplished the above, the illegal alien will be granted Permanent Resident Status of the United States.  This is will be for a Permanent Green Card Holder.
The status of this Permanent Green Card Holder will be different from Aliens that have come to this Country legally.  This individual will not be allowed to be a Citizen unless this alien serves in the armed forces. This individual will never  vote unless the alien was converted to a Citizen via his participation in the armed forces.  Their children, if applicable, are Citizens if they were born here.

The mechanics of the above would be:

A Form will be created which would be compiled and verified by an approved and certified witness.  There is no need to increase the number of employees of the Federal Government.  The Department of the Treasury will process the completed forms.

Proof of an individual residency can be proved through: (maybe require 2 or 3 of the below)

  • Phone Records;
  • Power Bills;
  • Lease Documents;
  • Auto Registration;
  • Affidavits' of Employers, the Clergy and or Other Citizens of the USA.
  • Tax Return Filings.  If the alien had self employed earnings during the period of illegality, this alien would be subject to the self employment tax.  The alien would be subject to Federal and State Income Taxes but would not be eligible for the various tax credits affordedCitizens.  This worker would not share in the benefits of our social security system untilafter the alien has been granted a Permanent  Green Card.  I believe you currently pay into the social security system for 10 years and you qualify for the benefit.

The now Permanent Green Card Holder will be subject to a strict policy of abiding by the laws of our Nation.  This will include the act and resultant felony conviction will result in an automatic ejection from our Country. 

I believe that our nation has built and put the infrastructure, schools and provided employment opportunities for these workers/long term residents.  It is a disservice to our Country to eject them.