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We are experiencing massive deficits in this country and we all have to participate in erasing this economic crisis. While we all agree that there need to be reductions in spending—both discretionary and entitlement, we have to take immediate steps to reduce our current debt. 

Through a partnership with top tax payers, we will make the necessary improvements in infrastructure and modernizing our antiquated power grid. Two promises made by the 2008 congress in their record $800+ billion stimulus package. Two promises that were never delivered. (As we all know, those funds went to shore up state and local deficits.) These improvements will lead to more foreign investment, increasing the appeal of investing in a modernized, competitive U.S.

This partnership will also prove to world markets that we are serious about getting our deficits under control. While we are currently a favored safe harbor by foreign capital, as our debts increase and our inaction persists, we may soon see our bond interest rates to increase to the unsustainable levels we have seen in Spain, Italy, Japan, etc.