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Why did I decide to run for this particular race?
As a CPA, I have extensive experience with our labyrinthine, at times incomprehensible, tax code.  I’m running for congress because as a small business owner, I don’t have time to be a career politician and begin with a city council position then win over enough voters to run for a national office. My experience with the tax code makes me a valuable voice in a congress overrun with lawyers and doctors. Someone up there has to have a clue as to how this tax code actually affects individuals and small businesses, and I have some good ideas on how to produce tax reform. I’m running for congress because as a country we’re running out of time and we need fresh ideas, not just legislation written by big business lobbyists for big business favoritism.

If elected, what do I want to accomplish?
Create jobs by growing our economy. And we can grow jobs if we streamline the income tax system. Simple changes on how and when we recognize deductions on our income tax returns will allow us to keep more of our money in our pockets. This boosts discretionary spending, which increases the need for more jobs in the manufacturing and service sectors. Recognizing deductions by: relaxing the passive activity loss rules; allowing more depreciation expense sooner; without limitations and phase outs. In other words, we get to keep more of our money sooner.

American business is slowing to a crawl and our tax code is the noose around its neck. This country used to be number one in the world for innovation. Now we are the number one country in the world for tax. Reducing the corporate income tax rate from 39% to 25% will increase jobs in our country by international investment.  The innovators who are moving operations offshore will return since they are no longer being penalized for being successful. And future innovators will remain here instead of taking their products and services to Asia. Finally by streamlining the tax code, we will reduce the wasted hours and manpower needed to comply with these regulations and increase profits on the bottom line.

What is the most pressing issue facing District 6?
The economy and jobs. These issues are intertwined. By streamlining our tax code, we promote growth and investment in our economy, enabling small and medium sized businesses to prosper and rise above the flood of new regulation and impending tax increases and grow new jobs along the way. Big businesses have their voices in Washington. Small to medium sized businesses need a voice too. I want to be that voice. Innovation needs tax reform to grow, but it also needs the nourishment of an educated youth. Currently our education system is not only failing our children, it is costing our citizens more per capita than any other country. We need to not only streamline our tax code, we need to streamline our educational system as well and ready our youth for a technological twenty-first century.  The New American Century.

Once in office, my top priority will be…
Growing the economy to grow more jobs. I will work with other legislators to sponsor a bill that immediately makes changes to the tax code that benefit individuals and small businesses. Streamlining taxes means helping reduce unnecessary taxes—even those that are referred to in the press as a mandate. I think there are many in Congress who are unhappy with the President’s Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). I want to work with these critics—both Democrat and Republican to repeal this law and sponsor free market solutions to streamline and revitalize our entitlements that left unchecked, will soon drive our nation to insolvency.

Why am I the best candidate for the position?
Day in and day out for over 30 years I have advised and consulted small to medium-sized businesses, as well as consulted and advised individuals on how to be fiscally responsible.  I have a complete understanding of how decisions in Washington affect the everyday American.  I am number 4 of 11 siblings. I learned at a young age how to be heard and how to negotiate settlements. I bring fresh ideas.